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500 gram Fountains from Great Grizzly Fireworks
The name says it all, and this new 500 Gram Fountain is sure to end the show
with a stamp of approval! A fan effect sprays multi-color
droplets and spider flowers
and then erupts to brilliant yellow and blue crackling and an
ending that will leave you speechless!
4 minute long lasting fountain has white, red, green, and blue
showers that look like pearls, & waterfalls with crackling stars!!
4 minutes long! Awesome effects include glittering gold,
crackles, whistles, and every color imaginable with great finale!
Red with silver flower, popcorn with green, silver crackling rain with purple,
silver chrysanthemum with blue, assorted color flowers, gold spring, gold crackle!
This 500 Gram Fountain features an array effects including red & green stars
with ti-crackling, spider flowers, multi-color stars & silk crackling, pine sparks,
fascinating blue star with gold snaps to fiery finale of giant popcorn crackling.
Big Bertha is back by demand, and she is ready to put on a show!
Get your groove on and add this popular fountain to your selection today!
Alternates showers colorful stars with golden pine needles, crackles,
whistles, big chrysanthemums,colorful flower, green, red pearls, golden pearls,
blue pearls, and a finale with strong crackles!
This fountain last over a minute and changes color 8 times! Brilliant red, lemon,
orange, blue, and pink color globs mixed with silver flowers have a fiesta right in your backyard.